The ISUAAAT conference is one of the oldest turbomachinery conferences which has engaged the community in a unique manner since its inception. The conference was first held in Paris in 1976 and has been a regular event once in 3 years since then. ISUAAAT-16 will be the 16th iteration of the conference and the thereafter coming conference in 2025 will mark a golden jubilee celebration.

ISUAAAT 16Toledo, Spain2022
ISUAAAT 15Oxford, UK2018
ISUAAAT 14Stockholm, Sweden2015
ISUAAAT 13Tokyo, Japan2012
ISUAAAT 12London, UK2009
ISUAAAT 11Moscow, Russia2006
ISUAAAT 10Durham NC, USA2003
ISUAAAT 9Lyon, France2000
ISUAAAT 8Stockholm, Sweden1997
ISUAAAT 7Fukuoka, Japan1994
ISUAAAT 6Notre Dame, USA1991
ISUAAAT 5Beijing, China1989
ISUAAAT 4Aachen, Germany1987
ISUAAAT 3Cambridge, UK1984
ISUAAAT 2Lausanne, Switzerland1980
ISUAAAT 1Paris, France1976