Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Unsteady blade row aerodynamics,
    including rotor/stator interaction
  • Blade-passing and low-order forced response
  • Compressor and turbine flutter
  • Compressor stall and surge
  • Vibration of bladed disks including mistuning
  • Multi-stage/multi-component interactions and distortion effects
  • Compressor, turbine, seal and combustor instabilities
  • Aeroacoustics and acoustic resonance
  • Control of unsteady flow, flutter/forced response and noise in turbomachines
  • Computational (including design/optimization) methods and applications for unsteady aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and aeroacoustics of turbomachines (UAAAT)
  • Experimental and instrumentation methods and applications for UAAAT
  • Validation benchmark test cases and data for UAAAT

The extended abstracts (up to 2 A4 pages), should include the objectives, a brief description of the solution procedure and/or experimental methodology and the illustrative main results obtained, Abstract Submission 

We look forward to your contributions to a successful and enjoyable ISUAAAT meeting

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