Conference Opening Keynote

Inventing the Joint Strike Fighter

September 19th 2022, 9-10am CET

Dr Paul Bevilaqua

Dr. Bevilaqua has spent much of his career developing V/STOL aircraft, in the Air Force, at Rockwell International, and then at Lockheed Martin. He led the Skunk Works’ X-35 development team.  They received the Collier trophy, which each year recognizes “the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America” for the demonstration of his innovative lift/cruise propulsion system. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, is an AIAA Fellow, and was recently awarded the Guggenheim Medal for the conception and demonstration of technologies enabling the production of the F-35 family of stealthy, supersonic Strike Fighters.

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Do old researchers have more wisdom than young ones?

Prof Robert Kielb will share his experience. 

September 20th 2022, 9:00-9:30am CET

Prof Robert Kielb

Prof. Kielb will give a semi-serious talk on younger versus older researchers.   Old researchers typically have years of experience, more wisdom, buy less knowledge of the latest computational and experimental methods.  Young researches are typically the opposite.  This talk reviews Prof. Kielb’s career experiences and gives suggestions to new researchers in areas such as conducting research and presenting the results.

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Future Propulsion System Design

Fan-installation interaction in future propulsion systems

September 21th 2022, 9:00-10am CET

Professor Cesare Hall

Professor Cesare Hall is a Professor of Aerothermal Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His research interests are aimed at overcoming the challenges that involve turbomachinery aerodynamics and include Open Rotor Design for Reduced Noise, Open Rotor Installation Effects, Fan System for a Boundary Layer Ingesting Engine, Distributed Engine Propulsion, Compact High-Speed Compression Systems, Fans for Ultra High Bypass Ratio Engines

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Sustainable Propulsion

Accelerating Sustainable Propulsion and Power through Modelling and Simulation

September 22nd 2022, 9-10am CET

Dr Sunil Patil

Sunil Patil is Principal Engineer and the North American Industry group lead for Turbomachinery and Propulsion at Ansys. He is based out of Troy, Michigan and leads customer facing engagements, academic partnerships, and new solution development in the field of Sustainable Propulsion and Energy transition. He has been with Ansys for 10+ years, before which he worked at General Electric (GE) supporting NextGen aircraft engine programs. Dr. Patil also has served in ASME editorials boards including the past 6 years in Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power.

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